Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random NASCAR Musings

The NASCAR Hall of Fame voting is up on NASCAR.com for us fans. We have a unique opportunity as fans to vote that other sports don't offer.

Caitlin Shaw debuted in the Camping World Truck Series this weekend. Good job (til she backed it into the fence).

I know I don't want to ever get a speeding ticket like JPM did, wow that was expensive.

IndyCar racing is coming to Alabama next year - at Barber Motorsports Park. I've been there several times and it is a great facility. Here is Alabama's Governor Riley sitting in an Indy car... anybody have the keys?

Alabama Governor Bob Riley gets in a Indy race car

Joey Logano was awesome at the Brickyard in his Cup debut there. Way to get it done, rookie!

There is a push for Sirius NASCAR channel to be streamed live on the internet. Gosh, I hope that comes to fruition.

The Daly Planet has been tormenting Mikey Waltrip on Twitter. And, Mr. Daly's latest column continues the torment him in its critique of TWIN this week. I like reading the column, but I disagree with this statement: "Unfortunately, those comments now often come wrapped in endless self-promotion and petulant behavior that is tough to watch." There are other points in the column I disagree with. I like Mikey and his perspective... much better than his on the track performance. Maybe Mikey is just growing on me with his fan interaction on Twitter. At least Mikey is man enough to step aside and put a good driver in his seat next year.

Did you know that not ONE of the RCR team cars are in the top 12 in points at this time, and probably won't make the chase. Yeah, I knew you did.

There have been rumblings/rumors that Jamie McMurray will be the odd man out at Roush-Fenway at the end of the season. However, from what I've read, he's just been told that he is free to "look around" at other options. I personally would tend to think that all 5 of the drivers have been free to "look around" this year knowing one of them had to go. Who will it be? I don't know, but I kind of thought David Ragan would have had a better year this year than he has. So, I think maybe it will be Jamie McMurray, but Ragan may move on...

Subsequent to the race at the Brickyard, Allstate Insurance has dropped its sponsorship of that race for next year. Interesting.

Pocono this weekend.... will Tony be a repeat winner? I sure as heck hope so.

As Sal says... I'm out. :)


jon_464 said...

Hi Lori,

Good musings, especially with no RCR cars being in the Chase. No wonder Happy wants out in the worst way! As far as Roush's downsizing goes, I still think Cupcake is leaving and Roush will either shutter the 26 team or pawn it over to Yates Racing. But here's another possibility: Carl Edwards moving to the 26 along with his sponsors and the 99 team going to Yates.

HotfootLori said...

Thanks Jon - since writing this post, I've read that Crown Royal is switching over to the #17 team and Jamie McMurray is, indeed, the man out after this season.

Someone, I don't see Kenseth sporting for Crown Royal - but Jamie Mac never was either.


HotfootLori said...

Thanks was supposed to be "somehow".. not someone. Ooopps. EPIC mistake. LOL

RLGuido said...

Nice Groove Lori.

Childress and Roush are the biggiest dissapointments of the year unless you thrown in a suicide watch for Kyle and Jr.

Bet Juan Pablo threw away every Energizer battery in his house this week.

I have followed TDP but stopped checkin in when I realised that it is a media forum ? Mikey on Twitter is cool. Alway's liked Mikey as a person. Nothin gets to him and he knows how to keep sponsors happy.

Just a short history tid bit. When Mikey first starting running the Big Time he lived with Richard Petty in his home for a year.

Richard may not be good at giving driving tips but Waltrip learned something.

storkjrc said...

nice groove Lori. I read the TDP blog on occasion. He seems to be a hater, he bags on everyone because he isn't on tv. I love Mikey on that show. He adds life. Knaus may be brilliant but he looks like a Howdy Doody puppet with all the make-up they put on him.

My guess is that Yates will turn into Roush B, like Stewart/Haas is for HMS. Only if Roush starts performing better. The Blue Oval has been pretty sad since the first 2 races.

I also thought Logano ran well this week. I think he will be a force in a year or two.

tezgm99 said...

if McFlurry goes, I hope he takes the Crown Royal sponsorship with him....it would just look wrong on Kenseth's car, lol

Forensic2 blog said...

All I know is franchising is happening and like the famous KFC secret recipe was kept tight for so long so will how do the hendrick cars do so well. I be joining that franchise if I was a driver looking for a ride.

Nice groove. PS, Been working on something for you, a few more days it will be done.


Gene Haddock said...

The road course in Alabama looks great on TV. I wouldn't mind checking it out someday.

Prediction of the Year: Fans will waste their HOF vote by voting for someone that will be assured to get in without their votes....Dale Sr.

photogr said...

Interesting news. Although I bang on Mikey, He is a good sport and apparently has a good business mind. With the addition of Marcos Ambrose to the team, things might turn around for MWR.

tezgm99 said...

I know I am in the minority here but I honestly believe the first 5 people inducted should be the ones around at the birth of NASCAR....so no Richard or Dale since we all know those 2 will get in one day anyway *shrugs*

jon_464 said...

Lori, Kenseth used to run some races sporting the Smirnoff Ice paint scheme a few years back. Smirnoff Ice and Crown Royal are brand names of parent company Diageo. But still, I don't see Kenseth as a Crown Royal type, much the same way I don't see Mears as a Jack Daniel's type.

Tez, I'm with you re the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I'd go with guys like Big Bill France, Lee Petty, etc.

HotfootLori said...

Hey Rick - thanks you. I think I saw that before about Mikey living with Petty. How wonderful of an experience!

Hey stork - I've listened to Daly on Sirius also, he seems to know what he is talking about but I don't understand the undermining of Waltrip as of late.

Tez - McFlurry (LOL) is gone - going to Yates. Crown Royal will be on Kenseth's car next year.

HotfootLori said...

Forensic - ohhh... I love surprises... especially when it is from you! Kewl.

Gene - we'd love to have you down here for a race at Barber... come check it out.

Photo - totally agree :)

Tez, Gene & Jon - the Hall of Fame will eventually get everyone one in... but agree that some of the first people involved with the sport should be some of the first inducted.

klvalus said...

Nice random musing Lori --

As you said, McCupcake is out =( I hope he gets a decent ride - he is just too cute not to be in the garages...

I dont see Matt hitting the swill either but its better to have a sponsor than not.

I dont get TDP's attack on Mikey -- has he not been watching Mikey his entire career? Thats just Mikey. I find TDP blog to be a bit negative but did agree with him about Jerry Punch.

Smoke a repeat!? No way...Go Kurt!

moseby said...

Cupcake will find something. He is still marketable enough. Maybe he can step in if Bobby Labonte ever realizes that he is a backmarker and that it is time to go to the truck series.

Don't know anything about the Waltrip deal. But I usually turn the channel when he speaks. He still has a good presentation and attitude for tv - but he is always playing both sides of the fence. Guess that's why he is a car owner now.

tezgm99 said...

McFlurry's lost his crown? Bugger...bugger, bugger, bugger. I love that livery and it will just suck on Kenseth's car :(

volfan69 said...

Just want to say that I've missed you and your writing and I'm glad that I've finally found you! Currently, I'm the most random person you will ever meet! Moving into a new house after almost 4 years in the building. I'll write soon and make more coherent comments soon. Love Ya!

HotfootLori said...

Bobbie - you are too funny... good luck on the move and I'm glad you found me, also :)

HotfootLori said...

Kristen - NO WAY!! Go Smoke...

HotfootLori said...

Moseby - Cupcake is going to Yates. Bobby Labonte would be good in the truck series but I just don't think he'll ever do it. Hey - did you notice that TERRY LABONTE finished better than Dale Jr. did this past Sunday? ha ha ha ha