Thursday, June 4, 2009

In The Groove: Texas - April 7, 2009

In The Groove is dedicated to bring you a peek at the Highs and Lows of racing randomness. Welcome.

The High Groove

With Easter upon us this weekend, we are running full throttle in The High Groove with the theme of giving back and supporting our NASCAR Community.

Running first in the High Groove is Elliott Sadler. Sadler was sporting his beautifully designed Autism Awareness helmet at Texas, which will be worn at every race this month. Autism awareness is a cause very near and dear to Sadler, as his niece was diagnosed with autism in 2001. The helmet will be put up for auction on Sadler’s birthday, April 30th, to raise money for autism-related charities and further research. If you would like more information on the auction, please visit

Running second in the High Groove is Benny Parsons’ Rendezvous Ridge. Instead of popping open the champagne to celebrate Gordon’s win, how about popping open some wine? (Merlot is always my choice). The vineyard is donating $5.00 per bottle of wine sold during the months March, April, May and June, 2009 to the Greg Biffle Foundation. Even if you don’t make a purchase, by visiting you will get to reminisce about the late and great Benny Parsons.

Running third in the High Groove is, well, The Greg Biffle Foundation. The foundation was founded in 2005 by Greg and his wife Nicole to "create awareness and serve as an advocate to improve the well-being of animals by engaging the power and passion of the motor sports industry." In addition to the Foundation’s website, you can visit here on the 16th day of every month when the Foundation lists various items, including autographed items, for auction to benefit the Foundation.

The Low Groove

P1 in the Low Groove is Bruton Smith for getting his way. How many of you saw the Championship Banquet being moved to Las Vegas? Most of you, that is how many. We saw it coming years ago.

P2 in the Low Groove is, unfortunately, the fact that Kyle Busch is a copy-cat. Did you see him perform the Unwind Lap after the Nationwide race? No, don’t jump in and say, but he couldn’t do his burnout - the sealed engine rule remember? Well, true. However, surely Rowdy is more creative than that? He even had to make a comment that he was NOT copying his brother with that celebration, he just wanted to show some love to the Turn One fans. Really.

P3 for the Low Groove goes to the mechanical issues, bad pit calls, two tires instead of four tires, running over air hoses, lug nuts popping off, and snappy loose cars in the race at Texas. Michael Waltrip Racing was the biggest victim, as Reutty was on the pole then running in the top 10, along with Marcos Ambrose. Then... boom. Carl Edwards, Brian Vickers, Greg Biffle, and countless others were also showing signs of greatness on Sunday, but it just didn’t come to fruition for these guys.

And for the checkered flag we have In The Groove’s thought for the day ... in percentages, how much would Morgan Shepherd’s performance improve with a full time sponsor, more than five people back at the shop, and a skilled pit crew?

Quote of the week: "I thought he was past his prime." (3rd place finisher Greg Biffle giving his thoughts, jokingly, about Jeff Gordon winning at Texas)

Happy Easter Everyone!

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