Thursday, June 4, 2009

In The Groove - March 31, 2009

In The Groove is dedicated to bring you a peek at the Highs and Lows of racing randomness. Welcome.

The High Groove

Running first in the High Groove is Jamie McMurray. Jamie McMurray brushed off Juan Pablo Montoya Friday morning in Martinsville and didn’t care to listen to anything he had to say about their incident the prior week. Seems "Cupcake" is now more like the new Klondike bar with a thicker shell. Should we now call him the Klondike Cupcake? Bite me JPM!

Running second in the High Groove is Incredible Pizza Company for their "The Incredible Heroes" campaign. Incredible Pizza is the incredible sponsor for the Nationwide Series entry of CJM Racing’s number 11 Toyota, with driver Scott Lagasse, Jr. The Incredible Heroes campaign is recognizing incredible people throughout the 2009 Nationwide series and coincides with cities along the racing circuit. The most recent recipient is a Dallas/Ft. Worth area gentleman who saved a man’s life from his vehicle, which had crashed and was engulfed with flames.Want to read the full story? Click here.

Running third in the High Groove is Marcos Ambrose. My love affair with this Aussie just gets stronger as this year progresses. I would say that this love affair is one-sided, but it would not be true. Ambrose respects and loves this sport and its fans, and gave a lot of his time this past weekend to us through Speed TV’s Trackside program Friday night and Raceday on Sunday morning. I know now what fizzed up, screen, and tin tops are. Oh, and using some newly found Martinsville muscle, Marcos drove his butt off with NO brakes at 40 laps to go, plus no new tires. His finish position at this rough and tough short track? Fourteenth!

The Low Groove

P1 in the Low Groove is Kyle Busch’s lack of maturity after the truck race yesterday. Running from the track? We are sorry that you had a bad weekend overall at this track, but Grow Up!!

P2 in the Low Groove is, unfortunately, Dave Blaney. Why is the Buckeye Bullet out there only running 50 laps of a 500 lap race? Yes, he led a lap. And? That’s another $69,665.00 into the fleeing moth fund for Prism Motorsports.

P3 for the Low Groove goes to Obama, for sounding like Mr. Bill France. "It’s my way or the highway."

And for the checkered flag we have In The Groove’s thought for the day . . . will Jamie McMurray succeed in gaining access to his frozen accounts and pay his taxes by April 15th?

Quote of the week: "Welcome to tear down, boys."

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